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Cooking in the kitchen with your preschooler


Benefits of time in the kitchen with your preschooler

Cooking with your child has such an important impact on their developing sense of self and can start as early as the preschool years. In a well supervised

environment, the activities in the kitchen can be a safe and educational experience.

Language skills are developed as you talk about what you are doing and sharing your experiences with your child. Little and big muscles are being established as they pinch an ingredient to put it in the bowl, stirring with a spoon, and pouring with a

cup or teaspoon. Life skills are taking shape as they learn to wash their hands

before touching the food and making healthy eating choices.

Your child can help in the kitchen by:

Adding dry ingredients in a salad

Pouring liquids in a bowl
Mix ingredients with a large spoon Shaking in seasoning packets

Spreading butter or other soft spreads
These moments become a positive memory in a child’s life that will last forever. -Audra Fox



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