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Music and PE

From Mr. Ward

Office hours: Monday-Friday 8-2

Hello students/parents,
If you have any questions or anything you'd like to discuss, the best way to reach me is via email (, and I'll make sure to respond ASAP.



Mr. Ward

Suggested P.E. Activities

From Mr. Lipford

Hello from Mr. Lipford!

I miss y'all and hope that everyone is doing well!

Remember to stay calm, follow directions, and everything will be back to normal before you know it!

I hope you have your instruments and music sheets or books with you!


I've included some links below to help y'all practice. (Remember you can change the playback speed on the YouTube links by clicking on the bottom right hand corner wheel shape and select playback speed, .75 works best).

There are also some downloadable play-along tracks that you can use if you don't have internet access (download them once wherever you can get internet access, and they will be stored in your device).


4th grade Band: practice from your books and the following tunes:

Power Rock track

Let's Go Band track


4th grade Strings book (click on string method, then scroll down to find the play-along track to practice with your book)


5th grade Strings Tunes:

Impromptu    (click on string method, then scroll down to find the play-along track)

Subatomic (by Larry Clark)      

Pepperoni Pizza Rock (by Brian Balmages)


5th grade Band Tunes:

Tyrannosaurus Rocks (by Mike Hannickel) 

Warp speed (by Michael Story) 

High Adventure (by Paul Lavender) 


Lastly, if you don't have your instrument with you, try this site (they have a free demo that has very cool music games to keep you occupied).


Once again, I miss y'all and hope to see you soon!


Mr. Lipford



PE Teacher:
 Marty Ward

Music Teacher:
Jason Lipford

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