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WelConnect App for Families on the Move


The WelConnect app connects families to available resources and support programs provided by their school district, their schools, the surrounding community, and the US military. It's available to download on your device from the Apple iTunes Store, or Google Play for Android. Welconnect Website

Registration information

Please see our homepage for information about Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten registration.


In order to register your child, please bring the following documents:

*Original birth certificate, baptismal certificate or passport.  Hospital-issued birth certificates will not be accepted.

*Immunization records documented by a physician and/or clinic

*2 forms of proof of address – utility, cable or phone bill, etc.

*1 emergency contact

*Physical exam is required for all first grade students only

7th Grade Immunization

In response to a recent whooping cough (pertussis) epidemic in California, the California Department of Public Health has mandated all students enrolled in public education grades 7 - 12 MUST show definite proof of immunization (Tdap) against this infectious disease before the start of the school year. Immunization is a state requirement. Please see for further vaccination information.


 To begin the process of enrolling a student at Santa Margarita (Kindergarten - 8th grades), please log in.

After completing the online portion of the registration, please bring the following items to the school office:

  • Original Birth Certificate, baptismal certificate or passport (the state will not allow us to accept hospital-issued birth certificates)
  • Immunization Record - all shots must be documented by a physician and/or clinic
  • Two proofs of your address (utility bill, cable bill, phone bill, etc.) - if you have just moved into housing, your lease agreement will suffice
  • At least one local emergency contact OR the military sponsor's CO name and phone number
  • A physical examination is required for first grade only



All students must register for school each year.  Oceanside Unified School District is streamlining the process by allowing online data confirmation/registration. 


Returning students and students coming to us from another Oceanside elementary school must confirm their data by going to the parent portal.  


New students to the district can register at here. Please print out the enrollment confirmation, and bring  a certified birth certificate, immunization records and two proofs of residency to the Santa Margarita school office. 

If you have any questions, we will be in the office from 9:00 AM- 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday beginning August 5, 2020.  

Please see your child's grade level website for items needed in the classroom.